Hi there! My name is April.  Welcome to Sweet Kentucky Holler. I’m excited to share with ya’ll so many things I love, which includes.. farmhouse décor finds, DIY projects, simple farmhouse styling, a few good ol’ Kentucky recipes, homeschooling adventures and lots of sweet moments with my little family.

You may be wondering where the name ‘Sweet Kentucky Holler’ came from..

Well, I have always referred to home as ‘The Holler’. I grew up my whole life, hearing my mama tell me memories of her childhood, where she was raised way back in a little holler in Kentucky with her sweet Papaw and Mamaw. She would tell me stories about a more simple life, where times were always tough, but even when there wasn’t much of anything else, there was always a lot of love and faith in God. I grew up knowing those two things were the most important in life. Now I’m grown and have a family of my own and a little place to raise our babies down a long deep gravel road, in God’s country and I want my children to have those same memories of a home filled with a whole lot of love and a whole lot of Jesus just like my mama did. So calling our home ‘Sweet Kentucky holler’ just seemed to be a perfect fit and it absolutely means ‘home’ to us!

I hope you’ll enjoy following along!

God bless