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Kentucky weather is so crazy this time of year. We Kentuckians joke that we get all four seasons in one week. Literally, it snowed two days this week and then rained for a couple days and by Saturday it was 75 and sunny. Crazy I tell ya! It’s so unpredictable, but I couldn’t be more excited for perfect Spring weather and all the pretty blooms to come and stay!

I made this little spot, mostly out of things I already had from last Spring, and just switched up the placement. I was excited to use my Fresh Flower Market sign from Magnolia again and pull out all my faux flowers. I added a few twigs of wildflowers to the DIY wreath I made at the begining of the year, to take it from January to March. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on new items to get a whole different look. I love those vintage inspired terra-cotta pots stacked up and overflowing, for Spring and Summer! I’ve used these same ones from Hobby Lobby the last couple of years and everyone that comes over, asks me if they are real antiques. They look so authentic and the textures on these are so well done and pretty. One of the new things I did pick up is this olive tree, I found at tjmaxx. I fell in love with it! I loved the authentic looking crock it came in. This is definitely not it’s forever spot, I’ve actually already moved it around quite a bit. Next time you see it, I’m sure it will be in a different location but I couldn’t wait to show you guys, so it ended up here for our Simple Spring Home Tour!

Does it get any better than old chippy doors and baskets of florals? This was such a simple addition, but I feel like it helped bring so much Spring into this spot.

Hydrangeas were a part of our wedding flowers and they’ve always been my absolute ever favorite since I was a little girl. I picked these up at Whole Foods Market. They always have gorgeous, full hydrangeas. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are my favorite places to pick up fresh blooms. We live a little more than an hour away from both, so a lot of times, by the time we get home, they are already wilted and I cry haha. These here were the victim of one of those times, but I was able to revive them, thanks to some great tips I got a couple of years ago from some of my Insta buddies. The advice I got was so good! I’m definitely no garden expert, and of course it depends on how far gone the blooms are, but if they have any life left in them, I’ve learned from experience, that a lot of these are worth a try. I thought I’d pass along a few of these tips with you guys.

So, if your hydrangeas are looking puny, you can try..

– Cutting the bottom of the stems 1/2 inch from the bottom at a slanted angle before putting them in water. Every few days, repeat.

– Placing the entire stem under water, blooms and all. I’ve heard some say this should be for at least half an hour. I only left these a few minutes and it still worked. It can be kind of scary submerging the whole bloom, but a lot of times it does work! If you’re afraid to dunk them, use a plant spritzer or spray bottle and at least to wet the blooms and stems.

– Use warm water instead of cold

– Add a few pinches of sugar in the water

– Try an aspirin in the vase of water

– Make sure your vase or container is clean before adding your flowers. I used to think a good rinse out was enough, but apparently  it’s not. They need to be scrubbed with soapy warm water and rinsed well to get rid of any bacteria that could contaminate your stems.


We made some big changes to the kitchen recently and my favorite part are these open shelves! I love how much more open and bright it looks now. It was a fairly easy change that made a huge difference in our little kitchen.

We took down the two upper cabinets by sink and replaced them with these wooden floating shelves from Target. I loved adding milk glass and these fluted tumblers from the Hearth and Hand – Magnolia line.

I really hoped to have the awning above the sink finished for this post, but the antique corbels we purchased, haven’t made it here yet, mostly because it took me a month to find the perfect ones! So.. that will be in the next post! I can’t wait to show y’all!


I kept the living room pretty simple. I added florals to the galvanized wall vases, and these gorgeous chenille and ticking stripe pillows from With Lavender and Grace. I love using fresh and faux florals and greens. There are so many authentic looking stems now and it’s nice because you can reuse them each year, all season long. I love these faux olive stems from Decor Steals. They also have these at Magnolia. Adding water to the vase makes my faux stems look even more life like.


Our bedroom is small, so I have to get creative with decor in here. I love adding pieces with character to this night stand. Old books, vintage bottles and florals are always my go to pieces. I find vintage books all the time, at yard sales, flea markets and ebay.

I actually took down our “Spirit Lead Me” sign from Smallwood Home, to try and change up the space for you guys, and do something a little bit different, but I just love it so much, I ended up putting it right back up on the mantel. It’s still one of my favorite signs in our home.

Thank you so much for checking out our Spring Home! I hope y’all enjoyed it! Check out my Instagram post and stories to see all of the other incredible Bloggers, who I am honored to call my friends, that are part of the Simple Spring Home Tour! I know you’ll love them all!

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  1. Your home looks absolutely gorgeous! So fresh and bright and ready for spring! Hydrangeas have always one of my favorites too, they look so delicate and pretty. And that bedding looks like a dream, I’m obsessed!

    1. Aww thank you, Ariel! Means so much! Aren’t hydrangeas just the best! I love them so much!! Happy first day of Spring! xx

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