Magnolia + Kilz Chalk Style Paint

I don’t think it’s any secret how much I LOVE Magnolia, so when I received a package of Magnolia Chalk Style Paint goodies from Joanna Gaines + Kilz, you can imagine, I was beyond thrilled! It completely made this Kentucky girl’s world!! Everything was all packaged so beautifully inside an amazing guest tray, created by a talented Waco artisan and filled with everything you could possibly need to successfully try their paint. I am so honored to try it out!

The quart of Chalk Style Paint was tinted in the shade – Shiplap and of course it’s my favorite color of all, in their line of beautiful paint colors! The swatches they sent were all amazing! There were tones for those who love neutrals and also for those who love bold color. Lots of beautiful blues and greens and even some pink and red hues. Any color you could dream of, they’ve thought of it. They were gorgeous! My personal favorites were the white palettes and the blue, gray + green palettes.

When I told you they included so many great details, did I mention they even included a signed copy of The Magnolia Story?! How cool is that!? I am a huge book worm and reading brings me so much joy in my life and I sure loved reading – The Magnolia Story. I loved turning the pages and hearing Chip and Joanna tell about their journey together from the start until now, driven by their faith. It was so inspiring and heartfelt and I will definitely cherish and keep this copy forever.

I used the Kilz paint opener provided to easily open the paint can. The color – Shiplap was a perfect, soft white.


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably feel like I’ve been talking about this post forever.. I had been searching for a small antique buffet to try my Magnolia paint for the first time, but.. I never found exactly what I was looking for and I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting any longer (plus I was super excited to try out all these goodies!). So, when I came across this nice and sturdy, old spindle chair at a junk store for $14 and I thought it would be perfect to try out my Magnolia Chalk Style Paint. If I ever do find that buffet I’ve been looking for I will be using Magnolia Chalk Style Paint on it too and I’ll be sure to post it as well.

• The only prep work I did was wiping the chair down with a damp rag and let it dry before painting.

• One of the first things I noticed when I started to brush on the paint, was that it went on extremely smooth and I only needed a little bit on my brush to go a very long way. The paint brushes gave a great smooth finish and were by far the best brushes I have ever used. I’ve never used any that compares to their performance. The handles are so comfortable and the bristles are such beautiful quality and they wash so well! I followed the directions on the package when I was finished painting and soap + water worked perfectly to get them nice and clean. I reshaped them, and used the loop they have at the end to hang them to dry. The next day they were good as new!

• The paint is a nice thick + smooth texture that you want in a good chalk paint, without being too thick to work with. One thing I did notice right away was how fast this paint dries. I actually prefer a quick drying paint so that I can work quickly and get a first coat finished and be able to add the second coat without waiting a day for it to dry.

• The chair needed only two coats to get the coverage I wanted and I still had over half the can left. The color – Shiplap is perfection! Ya’ll, I’m obsessed with this paint!

• I haven’t used a lot of dark wax in projects before, but I was excited to try it.  I put a little portion on a clean rag and worked it in small sections in the creases of the spindles and details on the chair so that they would be darker and have more depth.. Then immediately wiped off of the excess with the clean side of my rag.

• I used a sanding block to rough up the corners and places like the edges of the seat, that naturally wither away paint with aging to give it an authentic distress.

• The last step was applying the clear wax. It was so smooth and easy to use. I simply put a little on a another clean rag and worked it into the chair all over. It had a very clear,( not yellow at all ) matte finish.

I LOVED trying out the Magnolia Style Chalk Paint, brushes and waxes. There are so many different color options with this paint, it’s easy to use, dries quick, goes a long way and it gives a beautiful, matte finish. It’s the best chalk paint I’ve ever used. The brushes were great and I can tell with proper care, they will last a really long time. The waxes were very easy to use and left a great vintage style finish.

A huge thank you to Joanna Gaines, Kilz + Magnolia for this fun opportunity! I wish I could give them all a big hug for sending such a great package to Sweet Kentucky Holler!

Thanks for stopping by today, y’all!

– April


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  1. I am about to paint my master bathroom cupboards and wondered which white paint to buy. I immediately thought about your posts because your home has the exact kind of look I had in mind for brightening up my bathroom. Then I saw your blog about Magnolia’s chalk paint!!❤️ I’m so excited to try it and thank you for showing how to get the distressed look!💕 Keep posting!🌿

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