A rustic + Neutral Fall Tablescape

How fast did summer fly by, ya’ll? It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks we will be into the chilly, cozy, pumpkin pickin’ and sweater wearin’ days of Fall. I am so excited to go ahead and share my Fall table with you guys today and join my talented blogger buddies for a #falltabletopbloghop

I thought it would be fun to take the table outside for this post and I’m so glad I did because being outdoors and feeling the wind and smelling fresh cut hay, brought tons of inspiration! There’s just something about being out in nature that draws creativity isn’t there.. I already knew I wanted to use lots of rustic neutrals and muted greens this season but seeing the table outside helped bring out those tones and the rustic feel. Chippy and salvaged elements are my absolute favorite year round but especially for fall! I also wanted to cozy it all up a little bit, with a blanket and some pillows. I love a good place setting but for this, I stacked plates, napkins, silverware + berry baskets in olive buckets for folks to choose for themselves as a less formal – more farm to table style gathering.

While I was out with some of my decor buddies shopping the other day, I found this cute, vintage inspired small magnolia wreath with pinecones at Hobby Lobby and I thought it would be the perfect additon to my fall decor!  It was cohesive with what I wanted in colors, and textures and style for my fall table and let’s be honest I am a magnolia wreath addict haha so, I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my fall table setting somehow. I wasn’t sure how to do that until I got the table outside and everything laid out. Now, I wish I could just think up a styled spot in my mind and get home and execute it exactly that way..  but that’s just not how my mind works at all. I have to literally lay everything that may possibly work out on the ground and decide what I want to use and how I’m gonna use it and then move whatever spare pieces that are left out of the way. It’s a process but it’s just the way I get creativity out. After I got all my things laid out for this tablescape, I came up with the idea to use the magnolia wreath on the back of a chair. I thought it would be a great spot to tie in with the crates and all of the greens on the table.

When I started planning for my table, I immediately  had my heart set on finding real – white, faded peach, and heirloom pumpkins to stack up and use for my table decor but as hard as I searched it was just too early to find any in my area. As soon as we make it to the pumpkin patch in a few weeks I plan on doing an additional post with real pumpkins too!  I ended up using the white faux pumpkins my kiddos chalk painted for me last year (Ya’ll want a cheap and easy way to get chalky paint pumpkins? Get dollar store plastic or foam pumpkins and a couple tubes of craft paint for .50 in whatever color you want your pumpkins to be, then mix a small amount of baking soda with the tube of paint into a throw away container. Stir it up and Pop the stems off those pumpkins and let your kiddos paint away. Once they are dry pop the stems back and there you have chalky paint pumpkins that are super cheap and super special because they were made with those sweet little hands! Plus every year when you pull out the bag of pumpkins they painted they will be so proud all over again!) I picked up a couple of faux rustic green ones at Michaels to mix in and also some vintage style green apples at hobby lobby.

I didn’t spend much on my tablescape. I shopped the house mostly and used lots of items I already had like rustic crates, old books, an antique quilting hoop, candle sticks, vintage style pots, a grain sack table runner gifted to me last year from a sweet instagram friend and some dried eucalyptus. I did purchase these vintage style seltzer bottles at Michaels on sale but I will use them in different spaces in our home all season, so they will get lots of use. They have a green tint and I thought they would go well with my other pieces of fall decor.

I honestly packed my supplies out in these crates and this is what I had left over that I didn’t need on the table, so this vignette pretty much styled itself. I love the different textures here. Sometimes the accidental decor ends up being my most favorite!

When I was decorating I heard giggles and running behind me and turned around to see Belle watching me and wanting to help mama out. I let her help me decorate for a little bit and then of course she wanted her picture taken with “the pumpkin tea party” 😉 So how could I not share some pics of my little princess too.

I know my style is a little different than your classic tablescape, but I hope I was able to give ya’ll some ideas and inspiration for your fall tables today! Thanks for following along and checking out the blog! Be sure to visit my post below for a list of photos and web links to my talented blogger buddies in the Fall Table Top Blog Hop! They each have a unique style and you are sure to find tons of inspiration! You won’t want to miss their beautiful Fall tables and décor. Thanks for stopping by, y’all! Have a blessed day!

– April

11 comments on “A rustic + Neutral Fall Tablescape

    1. Bethany you are so sweet!! Thank you so much! Your fall tablescape was absolutely stunning!

      – April

  1. Oh April, this is so gorgeous! I adore your fall tablescape, it’s just dreamy! Everything about it is so wonderful, your styling is always perfection. The chippy white, green, and wood stole my heart. Belle looks so sweet and her crown is beautiful! Thank you for such incredible fall inspiration. You are such a talent!

    1. Meeghan, you are always so encouraging and uplifting! What would I do without you?! Thank you so much for your sweet words!! You are always such an inspiration to me with your beautiful blog and home!


  2. This is seriously the most beautiful table setting I have ever seen. I am obsessed with you you staged this outside with that beautiful background. It is absolutely perfect.

    1. Jackie, your comment meant the whole world to me!! Thank you so much for being such a sweetheart and always so encouraging! I loved your fall tablescape so much and everything you do! You are such a great talent!

      – April

    1. Thank you!! I’m so glad you stopped by to check out my tablescape! I appreciate your encouragement so much!

      – April

    1. Oh my goodness! Pollie! You have just melted my heart! I’m on my way over to your blog right now! Thank you so much! I’m honored!!

      – April

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