Hello spring! – A Magnolia Market Inspired Floral display

I am so excited spring is here, Y’all! Decorating with stems and florals and all things garden makes my heart happy and I’m looking forward to seeing my babes be able to play outside until dark, catching lightning bugs in mason jars, swinging, throwing rocks in the creek and having so many picnics and tea parties in the holler. I can’t wait!

Every time I opened up Instagram (my favorite outlet for inspiration!) I was seeing gorgeous photos of the amazing Flower Market display at The Magnolia Silos and I was completely in love!! All the details of the spring additions to the Silos were breathtaking! Not to mention the incredible pages of the spring issue of The Magnolia Journal! All of Jojo’s spring creativity inspired me to try to do my own version of a mini Flower Market in our home!

I showed my inspiration board to my hubby and together we came up with the idea of building a simple wooden planter shelf to resemble a floral market. While he was building the shelf I was doing the fun part! Choosing buckets, florals and stems! I ended up with white tulips + hydrangeas and lambs ear + eucalyptus + mint to fill the tubs.  I wanted whites and greens to give a cohesive look to all of the neutral tones in our home.

These white terra-cotta pots and seed packets that I got from Magnolia Market Seed + Supply last year found a home on the console table I used below the planters. I also used a chippy gingerbread corbel from my friend Priscilla @thepinkribboncottage (found on Instagram), to add some chippy goodness to the space.

The “Fresh Flower Market” sign from Magnolia Market was a must have purchase for this spot! It was available to purchase in black, white and green. I had a hard. time choosing between the white and black for our home and to everyone’s surprise I ended up going out of my comfort zone and choosing black! I really love the contrast it added to the space. When I got the sign up, I realized it was a little bit small to balance out the shelf.. so we decided to take apart an old window frame we had laying around and we designed a frame for the sign in order to build up the edges.

I love using olive buckets all throughout our home. They add farmhouse style to any space. I put some greens in these to add some touches of spring. I also love stacking crates with florals and greens too. It kind of reminds me of a farmers market or old fruit stand. I look forward to going to those places in the summer to buy local fresh produce and flowers and to get inspiration for styling.

My sweet hubby surprised me with these RaeDunn Clay planters to add to this project, and y’all.. my heart melted. I had wanted these for a long time and hunted them with no luck. It was the perfect addition to complete the space.

Okay y’all that’s it for my first blog post! I know it wasn’t perfect and I’m not really sure what I’m doing just yet, but hopefully I’ll get better with time and experience and have some good posts to share with ya’ll! Thank you so much for stopping by! It means a lot to this girl!


White hydrangeas, white tulips, Lambs ear, mint (on shelf) and galvanized buckets – Michael’s Arts and Crafts

Eucalyptus and small snowball stems (in crate) Olive Bucket with leather handles (in crate)  – Hobby Lobby

Olive Buckets with rope – Target

Sign, seed packets, white terracotta pots, crate and mint (in olive bucket) – Magnolia Market

Corbel – @pinkribboncottage (Instagram or Etsy)

Table – Local Junkin’ find

Planters – RaeDunn Clay

Greens for planters – Ikea



17 comments on “Hello spring! – A Magnolia Market Inspired Floral display

  1. So beautiful! You are the sweetest and so talented I am so happy that I get to see even more of your talent on the blog! 😘

  2. Absolutely adore this creative & unique space in your gorgeous home! It’s styled to perfection & your hubby did a fantastic job with the design of the planter shelf…he’s a keeper! Haha.

    1. Thank you so much, Mandy! I’m so glad you stopped by to check it out and even took the time to leave a comment! Appreciate you very much!!

  3. April you are a awesome decorator. Im getting some wonderful ideas about how to decorate. You have a beautiful home and family. You are gorgeous inside out. Love seeing your blog really shows how wonderful Kentucky Hollor is. You are truly Blessed!

    1. Kelly! Thank you so much!! I’m so excited you took time to stop by and check out the blog! I appreciate you leaving such a sweet comment!

  4. Sweet girl! So excited that your journey has led here! I am over the moon excited for you. Your home is beautiful and your heart even more so. Consider me inspired…I look forward to returning here for many more wonderful posts! XX

    1. Jen, you have made my day! So glad you took the time to stop by and check out the blog! Thanks for being so encouraging and sweet!

  5. Loved reading this and all of the beautiful inspo you’ve given here!! Congratulations and looking forward to reading more!! Bless you April!!

    Your friend,
    Chastity xo

    1. Thank you so much sweet Chastity!! I’m so happy you would take the time to come check out the blog and also leave such a thoughtful comment!! Appreciate you so much!

  6. i just love how you saw an idea you loved and carried it out to the fullest! it takes me forever to make up my mind about things and i second guess myself a million times! your feed is one of my absolute favorites on instagram. so happy i finally popped over to the blog. heading to subscribe now so i can keep up with all your creativity. happy weekend!

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